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Hello and welcome to the portfolio of Craig Shields, aka 'Surpy', a freelance illustrator residing in York, UK. He has had work commisioned by Coca-Cola, Eco Bank, Computer Arts and Schweppes to name a few, as well as having written tutorials for various UK publications.

Currently available to freelance, Craig is looking to expand his creativity and work on new, exciting projects that may come his way.

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News & Updates

  • New Site Up and Running -

    Its been so long since i had a proper website up and running. There's still a few bugs i need to work out (mainly for IE users), but they'll be sorted pretty soon. Also, i'm still waiting for permission from various clients to post some work i've done, on my site; so keep a look out for that.
  • Nearly Finished -

    The website is taking a lot longer to finish than i thought, due to University taking up my time. Keep a look out for updates.
  • Interviewed on PSD Tuts -

    For anyone interested, i was interviewed a while back by PSDtuts+. An interesting read for some people wanting an insight to me and my work.
  • All Images Copyright © Craig Shields 2010